Saturday, February 21, 2009

Walls of Jericho

I guess I'm on a roll here. Just wanted to share our Valentine's Day with all of you. This holiday is alway complicated. First we have to find a sitter. My parents usually watch the boys but they deserve the night out as well on Valentine's Day, so we don't usually have them babysit that night. (We really need to get a 'real' babysitter, instead of the 'free-and-obligated-because-we're-family' kind.) Plus, on this night of LOVE, every restaurants is oh so crowded, as are the movies. Plus that just doesn't sound like anything really all that special...kind of a boring and typical 'date' for such a day of celebration. I wanted to do something different, not so crowded, and something we can't usually do with the kiddos. I asked Daniel if we could take the afternoon to have a picnic and go hiking. His DREAM date. Something we both really enjoy and a quiet afternoon to just enjoy being together. So, off we went, headed to Scottsboro to the Walls of Jericho. It was a beautiful day and a perfect date.
 Here are a few pics.

I HIGHLY recommend this 7 mile hike, if you get a chance. I just sat, surrounded by the huge rock walls and waterfalls. In AWE of such a great God, who gave us such a beautiful creation to enjoy. A day to celebrate love. My love for my friends, my family, my guy, and my God. 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Hello. I feel as though I need to reintroduce myself. It has been too long. I really am not cut out for this blogging thing. As soon as I sit down to type this out, I immediately think of all the things I SHOULD be doing....reading my Bible, doing the never ending piles of laundry, wash the dog, plan for the next school day. The list goes on and on. But here I am....inoring those nagging thoughts. 
February is a long month for me here at the Cothran house. February is the month my hubby lives for. Each year he heads to New Hampshire with his brothers to 'play in the snow'. They spend a week ice climbing, skiing, snow mobiling, and eating clam chowder. It is a long week for me, especially having 3 boys now. It seems each year I either have a new addition to the family or I am great with child. Either way, it is, at times, exhausting. I am always glad for him to go because I know how much it means to him. If it were up to him, we would be living where it is frigid most of the year. So, it's a good compromise. He gets to visit the snow and I get to live in the south. This year went pretty easily. I felt independent and proud of myself. Slightly feminist even. I don't NEED a man! (ha...I just really really want one.) I really think I need him much more than he needs me....although, he would argue that. I am just thankful for good boys who made it all a joy.
So, we were so excited to have him home. I then is February. Oh dear. That means my man will be leaving me for snow once again. And that is where we are at today. It's his annual back-packing trip to LeConte. He went with my dad, his brother, and my brother-in-law. The colder, the better. Tonight Daniel is sleeping on a mountain in the Smokies with snow and ice all around. In his element. Perfectly happy. Here I am, alone in our bed....with you. My blog. The boys are tucked in and sleeping sweetly. This is the hardest time of day when he is gone. It's OUR time. Only 2 days to go. I can do it. 
I think I'm due a cruise or something. I think my new hobby should be 'beaches'...since his seems to be 'snow'. 
Anyway, I thought I'd post a couple pics of him doing what he does. My manly man. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seven Things


Ok, I was tagged by Lisa and Wendy and ever since, have been trying to think of seven interesting things about myself. How depressing is that? Anyway, I thought maybe if I just start typing, they'll come to me. So, here goes:
1) I hate feet. Grody! (I don't think I have used that word since I was 14!) Especially men's sweaty feet. Especially men's sweaty sock feet. There is a scene in Napoleon Dynamite where the comedy of the film turned to sheer horror for me...I just imagine Kip's feet. Nauseousness. 
2) Two of my favorite foods are anything pesto and anything with guacamole. I also love just about any fruit...especially watermelon and frozen blueberries with milk and sugar. mmmm.
3) My goal has been to have 4 babies by the time I'm 30. 3 down, 1 to go! Bittersweet. 
4) I have a terrible fear of regret. I am practically handicapped by indecisiveness. Seriously, it takes me a while to pick out a piece of candy. I am just so afraid I will wish I had something else later. You don't wanna be around me when there is actually a big decision to make! Pray for me! lol!
5) I have only kissed one man and married him. Kinda weird, I guess. Definitely special to me. 
6) I have unnatural spazzy reactions to 2 things...bees/wasps and rubber bands pointed in my direction. I don't know, they just seem so unpredictably after me! 
7) I love to fall asleep watching a movie, I love the thought of reading a book, I love the concept of blogging. As you can see, I have a terrible habit of starting things...

There you have it. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Status

Yeah, so I have noticed something about myself. I am not so good at this...but you know what I would be really great at?? Status updates all day! I spend so much time thinking about something deep and interesting to talk about, feeling intimidated by all the really great bloggers out there, and then thinking of about 10 other things I really should be doing. My life feels so full right now. Homeschooling is quite daunting. I am working out the kinks in my schedule and hope to become more disciplined, therefore post more regularly. Anyway, until then, here are my status updates for the last couple days:

* Going to give blood, don't weigh enough, ate too much, threw up in parking lot at hospital, hospital caught on fire......figured it isn't my day to give blood. Hey, I tried! 
* Feeling like I am in high school....intimidated and insecure.
*My boys are camping and I am having a 'girl's night' with my mom and little sis. 
*Off to a 5 year old birthday party! Hoping for great candy in the pinata (that I will confiscate from my kids, then they will completely forget about)! 
* Just got back from taking the boys to a nice quiet park with some friends....wasn't quiet for very long.
*Drama with a 'Facebook Friend' longer friends at all....que serrah. (long story)
*Took Jonas to the doctor for 6 month check-up. Feeling like he should join the circus after all the 'he's SO big' comments. He is a very healthy, 20lb, 27", 90th percentile, happy baby! 
*My 3 year old caught a squirrel. His father (Daniel is always referred to as 'his Father' in situations like this) told him that he if he caught a squirrel with his bare hands,  he would buy him new Legos. 2 weeks later, Evan hadn't forgotten. What was intended to be a energy wasting impossibility for a 3 year old was, to Evan, an attainable goal. As my dad would say, that can preach! 
*Getting out fall clothes! It's here!!!!
*Digging deep spiritually....exhausting and challenging. (more on that later)
*Both knitting and quilting in my spare time. HA! 
*Went on a date night, finally!!! First date in over 6 months! Long overdue, much needed, but I still missed my kids terribly! 
*Went on a walk on the Hampton Cove Greenway with my mom, brother, and sister. Soaking in this beautiful weather! (btw, congrats to whoever it is with the signs on Four Mile Post that read: It's a Girl! And a Boy! And a Boy! And a Boy!)
*Got a taste of what it would be like to be Jon and Kate plus 8 (except I had 6) for a couple hours. 
*Embarking on another journey with Beth's going to be great! 
*Teaching my child to read. Patience, Lord! 
*Going for a walk with my boys.
*Watching Gilmore Girls with my guy. 

There is a touch of some of the things that happened in my life over the past 5 days or so. Hopefully the next 5 will be quieter, less dramatic, and go by a little slower. 
These are precious times. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Ok, I'm sitting at home, watching my DH and bro-in-law play some 'shoot 'em up' xbox game. There isn't a lot of deep meaningful conversation going on here. Hardly more than grunting. Maybe an occasional hoop or holler'. So I thought what a great time to update you all on my weekend. 
Friday we had a normal 'school day' with the boys. The weather was nice so Daniel decided to take Micah and Evan camping. He and his brother, Joel, loaded up their gear and headed to Ditto Landing. It's a small campground but nice place to take kids and very close to our house, should there be an emergency need to get home. There are bathrooms and actually a playground right by where they camped. I'm surprised Daniel would even qualify it as camping at all. Anyway, I stayed home with Jonas. We both slept better that way. The next morning we met them at the campsite for breakfast and then a bike ride along the Tennessee River. Very nice. The weather was perfect. It was so fun to see the boys in their element...all 4 of them! Micah and Evan were having a blast. I just sat back and smiled. I love my boys. Around noon we headed back to civilization. Here are a few pics that I took on Saturday morning.

Saturday night we had our monthly 'UFC night'. There was a pay-per-view event that we rented at our place. Daniel invites a bunch of the guys and they eat snacks and have, once again, gruntin', hoopin', and hollerin'. It's a lot of fun actually. It's a little disturbing how much I enjoy these 'UFC nights'. One of the guys brought his wife and baby, so it was the best of both worlds.....girl talk AND ultimate fighting. Fun times! 
Sunday was a nice day with the family. We had a delicious lunch at my parent's house. We have all gone 'vegan' so it was a meatless meal but absolutely yummy. I really don't even miss the meat. Even when I think about having a burger or something, it just doesn't sound good. (For those who are curious, one day I'll write more about this new diet of ours.) Sunday night I went to the worship service at church by myself. It was a nice way to end the day and begin the week...refreshed. 
Yesterday and today have been all about schooling and cleaning. I did some hardcore floor scrubbing...oh, sorry. Boring! Today my friend Sherle came over with her boys. She brought her precious new baby, Samuel. He just came home from the hospital last week and is a whopping 4 lbs! I could hold him all day. Looking at those tiny toes, perfect ears, and even that little voice of his...I just kept thinking of the goodness of God. Life is a beautiful miracle. 
Here is a picture of this little miracle

We had a nice visit and our boys had such fun together. It will be exciting to watch our boys grow up and play together....Micah, Paul, Evan, Jonas, and Samuel. 
So there is a summary of the last few days. I like this blogging thing. It helps me slow life down a bit and reflect on the day. Somehow, looking at the day as a whole, I see all the good in it. No matter how much disciplining takes place, how down I may start my day, or how monotonous it all gets; I like to end it like this. 
Thank you, Lord, for all that I've been given. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've got the best dad in the whole world.

Tonight was special. It was one of those moments that you want to last forever. I'm going to let you in on some sweetness. 
I went to church tonight and enjoyed a powerful message. It was on Numbers 27 and being a 'Daddy's girl'. We can crawl into Daddy's lap and share our hearts. Cry. Laugh. Or just listen. There is nothing that separates a Daddy and His girl. This is the love that we can know. It was a powerful, beautiful message. What hit me was this....I have the responsibility to show my children that the Lord is my everything. That if everything else was gone, I would still have Him. That He is who I live for, He is who I love first. To impart this to them so that they can walk it out themselves. That their relationship with our Father will be real. So that if I weren't here, they would walk out their faith. That He would be their first love as well. I left feeling challenged and encouraged. 
Daniel and the boys went to his parents house for dinner. On the way home they were listening to music loudly, the way Micah likes it. You see, Micah has a thing for music. Really, it's bizarre. He has always been this way. It seems there is rhythm in his bones. Anyway, right before they got home, Daniel put on a worship song by Rick Pino "We Have the Best Dad" which is just like the title implies. We have the best Dad in the whole world. (seemed to be the theme of the evening....coincidence? I think not.) Daniel looks in his mirror and notices that Micah is just rockin'. Normal. Then he looks again. Micah then has his hands raised and is singing (loudly) 'I will give you everything God! I will praise you! I will give you cash. I praise you God! I will give you my toys! I will give you everything! I will give you cash!' I wish I were there. They got home and Daniel asked him if he liked that song. He said 'Yes, I changed it a little bit. I just wanted God to know that I will give Him whatever He wants.' 
Nothing like the heart of a child. Pure sweetness. Abandoned sincerity.
I feel encouraged. My children are 'Daddy's Boys' and I pray the Lord will always be this real to them...the simplicity of His love

Write on my blog....check.

Today was a lovely day. Productive. I end this day feeling like a good mom. Here are a few reasons why:

1. I accomplished a great, full day of school with the a tent, no less. 

2. I straightened the house...mastering the task of picking up almost anything off the floor with my toes while carrying my 'fluffy' baby on one hip.
3. I fixed a delicious dinner....with the help of my darling and his green egg. 

4. I played Legos with my boys and used my rusty imagination!

5. I took my boys to my parent's house to play and swim as an after dinner treat. 

6. I concluded my day with my love, my boys, and good books all in my bed for a few minutes of reading. 
then kisses goodnight.