Saturday, February 21, 2009

Walls of Jericho

I guess I'm on a roll here. Just wanted to share our Valentine's Day with all of you. This holiday is alway complicated. First we have to find a sitter. My parents usually watch the boys but they deserve the night out as well on Valentine's Day, so we don't usually have them babysit that night. (We really need to get a 'real' babysitter, instead of the 'free-and-obligated-because-we're-family' kind.) Plus, on this night of LOVE, every restaurants is oh so crowded, as are the movies. Plus that just doesn't sound like anything really all that special...kind of a boring and typical 'date' for such a day of celebration. I wanted to do something different, not so crowded, and something we can't usually do with the kiddos. I asked Daniel if we could take the afternoon to have a picnic and go hiking. His DREAM date. Something we both really enjoy and a quiet afternoon to just enjoy being together. So, off we went, headed to Scottsboro to the Walls of Jericho. It was a beautiful day and a perfect date.
 Here are a few pics.

I HIGHLY recommend this 7 mile hike, if you get a chance. I just sat, surrounded by the huge rock walls and waterfalls. In AWE of such a great God, who gave us such a beautiful creation to enjoy. A day to celebrate love. My love for my friends, my family, my guy, and my God. 


~*Lisa*~ said...

I miss the days of four wheeler riding up there :) hee hee I have not been to that place in years and I LIVE OVER HERE! :)

~*Lisa*~ said...

P.S I love the pictures you look great sister!